How to add content to pages in WordPress?

First of all you have login website’s admin panel. After login you have to check page tab left side of Side Menu from admin panel.

Shot 1.1
It has two sub tabs by names 1) All Pages 2) Add New

You can edit existing page by clicking all page and you can create new page by clicking add new page.
Kindly see snapshot shot 1.1. Here you will see all created pages here you edit, remove or delete it.


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That’s it. It’s too easy to manage guys.

How to add content to blog post?

These are post of website blogs. Here you will all blog posting collection. if you want to add more click on add new post. That’s it.

How to add images to wordpress website?

To add images to website. You have to click on Media button left side under post. You will find library & add new tabs under Media tab. Just try to drag & drop to upload new images. If you want to display existing image at website. Just click on one image. You will get url of image at right side of media page.

Note: Please keep backup before change anything. If you have queries please free to contact through contact form.


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That’s it. Hoping this article will help you. Kindly like and share and follow my blog :


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