How to migrate WordPress site from localhost to live server?

How to migrate WordPress site from localhost to server?

You already have a WordPress website running on your computer on local server. That is running fine at local server and now

it need to move on live server. I’m going to write you about in this artical “How to migrate wordpress website local to live


Step 1 – Export Database File

To start, open up your local server and go to phpMyAdmin just type http://localhost/phpmyadmin into the address bar and

export database.

Step 2 – Take Backup of all wordpress files

open up your local server main site directory zip it and upload this zip to live server then extract it.

Step 3 – Create New Database and Import

Create new database at new live server with username then import database sql file into new database.

Step 4 – Upload all files of wordpress

Unzip backup zip file on the new live server and extract it. Then open up “wp-confiq.php” file change database details

That’s it. Now check your site. You will see your website that has restored successfully.

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Step 5 – Change urls through database.

That’s most import thing to do with full your attention. Search old site urls and replace with new site urls by running sql query.

Here is the Query that you will run by SQL tab through database.


UPDATE wp_posts
SET guid =





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That’s it. Hoping this article will help you. Kindly like and share and follow my blog :

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